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About Patricia Wong

Patricia Wong Flowers offers a skilled, flexible team of expert florists, led by Patricia Wong herself, a highly respected florist who has over 20 years of floristy experience, serving clients in a wide range of locations with hundreds of weddings, party flowers and office contracts to her credit.

The skilled, modern or traditional design touch of Patricia's flowers ensures that the beauty and fragrance of nature are put to good work. Beyond being merely decorative, flowers can add the "wow" factor to a big event, defuse the day-to-day stress of a busy office. Whatever, the requirement, whatever the environment, Patricia will listen carefully to the client before advising on an optimal approach, delivering the final product and installing it to maximum effect.

Pat's flowers have been admired and enjoyed by some of the most famous people of our time - from Princess Anne, Margaret Thatcher to Michael Jackson. Her flowers have graced numerous venues including the Albert Hall, Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, House of Lords, Institute of Directors, Dorchester, Royal Automobile Club and many private clubs and venues.

Patricia trained at The Mary Adams School of Flowers, associated with Pulbrook and Gould, the celebrated society florists in Knightsbridge.She then worked for a few years at Pulbrooks and other florists before setting up her own business in 1986.

The services her company provides are:

Flowers are a vital ingredient in any wedding,party, office or function and can help to set the tone and transform a venue.

Foliage Plants create a healthy and friendly working ambience. It deflects sharp corners and edges and creates good "feng shui"

"Finding the perfect way to make a special day even better" is how she describes her services.




 About Patricia Wong Flowers & Plants
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